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Treasures of Minto: Cultural Mapping

Treasures of MintoWhat Is Cultural Mapping?

It is a systematic approach to identifying, recording and classifying a community‘s cultural resources.
Cultural Mapping involves a process of collecting, analyzing and synthesizing information in order to describe and visualize the cultural resources in terms of issues such as links to other civic resources (e.g. transportation, green infrastructure, public gathering spaces), patterns of usage, and unique character and identity of a given community.

There are two kinds of cultural resources that are the focus of cultural mapping:

  • Tangible Cultural Assets – identifying and recording physical (or tangible) cultural resources often making use of Google Maps or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools and platforms;
  • Intangible Cultural Assets – exploring and recording intangible cultural assets - the stories and traditions that contribute to defining a community‘s unique identity and sense of place.

Together tangible and intangible cultural assets fuel cultural vitality and contribute to defining the unique cultural identity and sense of place of a community.

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