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My Neighbour Campaign

Small, local businesses drive the economy in Minto. Our business owners are our neighbours.
This campaign was aimed at driving home that message in a fun way with clever catch phrases.
Buy shopping locally we are supporting our neighbours who in turn support our community.

Why Shop Local?

Keep Dollars in Minto's Economy
Dollars spent at locally owned businesses have three times the impact on our community as shopping out of town. When you shop local you create jobs, fund services, invest in community improvement and promote community development.

Community Well-Being
Local businesses build strong neighbourhoods by sustaining communities, linking neighbourhoods and contributing to local causes.

Jobs & Wages
Local businesses create more jobs locally than national chains.

Preserve Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship fuels the economy, innovation and prosperity. The success of local business provides real-life inspiration to young people, proving that they can stay in Minto and prosper.

Environmental Sustainability
Local stores help to sustain a vibrant, compact, walkable downtown, which reduces auto use and pollution.

Benefit from Local Owners & Expertise
Local business owners and employees often possess a level of expertise and a passion for the products they sell. They have a greater interest in getting to know their customers, who are after all their neighbours.