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Palmerston - Downtown Research

Business Mix Analysis
A business mix analysis identifies the downtown's current function(s), its physical commercial structure, and potential business opportunities.
To review the Minto Business Mix Analysis, click here.

Resident Survey Results
The resident survey collects information on the attitudes and opinions of community residents about the downtown. The survey can measure current shopping patterns, retail and service needs, and residents' perceptions of the downtown. With a greater understanding of residents' opinions about the current state of the downtown as well as their hopes for the future, you can build a downtown that residents are proud of, enjoy, and support as customers.
Residents of Minto completed the survey in February 2008.
For the survey results, click here.

Business Retention & Expansion
BR+E is a community-based, volunteer-driven economic development tool to encourage the growth and stability of local business.

Developing business and creating jobs are critical to the health and vitality of any community. And, in an era when most new jobs come from existing businesses, a welcoming business environment is crucial.

That's what BR+E is all about - promoting job growth and economic prosperity in Ontario by helping communities identify both opportunities for expansion and the barriers facing local businesses. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs in partnership with other government agencies, the private sector and economic development associations, developed BR+E tools and resources for Ontario.

To read the 2007 BR+E Final Report, click here.