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Municipal Taxation

Property Taxes

Property taxes in Ontario are collected based on a percentage of your property's current market value assessment (CVA). Each municipality is required to collect property taxes, and set the tax rates for the various property types. Municipal tax rates vary depending on the property type. The tax rates in Minto for selected property types and the portions attributable to the County, School Boards and Town are shown in the following table.

Your annual tax bill is calculated by applying the tax rate against the current market value assessment of your property (Current Market Value Assessment x Tax Rate = Total annual taxes). For example, if your industrial manufacturing property has a current market value assessment of $800,000, the annual taxes for 2017 would be $800,000 X 0.04321205 = $34,569.64

2017 Minto Tax Rates


Code:  IT/LT
Town Portion:  0.01307557
County Portion:  0.01536643
School Portion:  0.01390000
Total:  0.04321205


Code:  CT
Town Portion:  0.00812320
County Portion:  0.00954640
School Portion:  0.01025278
Total:  0.02846289


Code:  RT
Town Portion:  0.00544815
County Portion:  0.00640268
School Portion:  0.00179000
Total:  0.01400335


Code:  MT
Town Portion:  0.01035149
County Portion:  0.01216509
School Portion:  0.00179000
Total:  0.02499537

Source: Town of Minto Treasury Department, Telephone 519-338-2511 ext. 235